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Weekly Update: 3/1/20

Happy March! It sure felt good to bring in the new month with such wonderful weather. It was perfect for cleaning out the garage today! Hopefully you could enjoy it more than I did! ha!

A new month to pick one of our skaters for a $5 Target gift card:

Congratulations to Sophia Craiutu!


If today didn't make you ready for Spring, maybe our latest Fundraiser will help!

Please read the following info for more details:

Spring will soon be here.  What better way to celebrate than to get ready to see your garden grow.  Our next club fundraising is Flower Power.  This is online only so you simply need to share the weblink with your friends and family.  They order what they would like and the order is shipped to them and we get 50% profits from every order.  Like with Crew Car Wash, the club will split the profits 60/40 (skater/club) to help meet your individual fundraising goals while still helping out the club.  A small informational flyer was placed in every skater’s mailbox, along with instructions of where to enter skater information so your order is credited to your family.  For those who prefer to look at items on paper, there are a limited number of paper booklets in the Forrester mailbox.  Take one if you wish- but all orders need to be made online.  Any questions, contact Claire Walczak (  

Help us meet the club fundraising goal of $1000 in profit.  If every family sells $100 worth of plants, we will easily surpass the goal.  We are 10% there already.

Sponsor Info:

Please be sure to check your emails about Sponsor Info and how you can help clarify which businesses members have reached out to in the past. If there are any corrections, we ask that you respond by Wednesday March 4th. This will help us to make a final list for all members, new and returning, to start reaching out to businesses to help support LCSC during the Ice Show! Please let us know if you have any questions!

Dates To Remember:

Monday March 2nd - Monthly Board Meeting, 5:30pm at the rink

All members are welcome to attend!

Friday March 6th* - Associate Skaters Group Photo, 5:45pm on the small ice

*RESCHEDULED - Friday March 27th, 5:45 on the small ice

Sunday March 8th - Daylight Savings Time begins, Spring Forward!

March 9th - 20th - Spring Break, NO Club

Monday March 23rd - Club Resumes

Weekly Quote:

Go where the wifi is weak and the sun is strong.”

Whether you're traveling or staying home for Spring Break, take some time to unplug and relax!


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