Volunteer opportunities are available throughout the season, including during the Columbus Invitational, annual Ice Show, and test sessions. 

As we come closer in time to these events, Committee Chairs will reach out to members with various volunteer opportunities. Members will then know what roles are needed, a description of that role and an approximate amount of time needed to fulfill that role. 

SkateSafe Training

If volunteering in close contact with skaters such as chaperoning in the locker rooms, assisting with costume fittings or becoming a committee chairperson, you must be U.S. Figure Skating SkateSafe certified.

U.S. Figure Skating SkateSafe Training is an online course offered by U.S. Figure Skating which takes approximately 1-2 hours to complete.  Please provide LCSC a copy of your completion certificate.  Volunteer positions that would not require Safesport certification would include ice-show wall set up, concession stand, ticket table, spotlights, etc.