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Junior Club

Who Can Join Junior Club?

  • Skaters who have passed Basic 4 in the Parks & Rec Learn To Skate program

  • At a minimum of 5 years old

  • The skater must remain in the Parks & Rec program until the completion of Basic 6.

  • After the completion of Basic 6, Junior Club skaters must participate in the Parks & Rec Novice program.

When Does Junior Club Practice?

  • Junior club members practice on club ice time on      Monday, Wednesday, or Friday.

  • The club season runs from August 2023-April 2024

What are the Benefits of Joining LCSC as a Junior Member?

  • 2 Weekly 45-minute Freestyle Sessions on club reserved prime ice time

  • Junior members will have the opportunity to participate in one Junior group program during the annual Ice Show

  • Members at this level will have the option to pay an additional fee to participate in weekly Group Power sessions for each half of the season

  • If participating in group Power classes, members will also have the opportunity to participate in one large group program during the annual Ice Show.

  • Assistance with registration through US Figure Skating

  • May represent LCSC at US Figure Skating sanctioned competitions and events

  • Assistance with competition information

  • Awarded U.S. Figure Skating test badges through LCSC (LCSC purchases and awards badges)

  • Assistance with test sessions & lower fees at LCSC test sessions than out-of-club members

  • Use of club coaches for private lessons during club time, as arranged through LCSC coaches

  • Subscription to SKATING Magazine

  • Basic insurance coverage through U.S. Figure Skating

  • Invitation to participate in social activities throughout the season

  • Entitled to voting rights. If under the age of 18, member shall be represented by a parent/legal guardian

  • Junior members may move to other club levels (gold or silver) mid-season after successfully passing Learn to Skate USA Basic 6.

How Do I Join?

  • Visit the "Join LCSC" Tab then click "Membership Info" to apply today!

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