Sessions and Classes

Lincoln Center Skate Club offers the following figure-skating classes and sessions:

Freestyle Sessions:

On-ice time for practice and/or lessons.


Each session consists of 45 minutes of practice time. There is no instruction unless you arrange a private lesson with a club or guest coach.  Please note, skaters are not guaranteed a private-lesson time with a coach during these sessions. You must contact a coach to make these arrangements.  The freestyle sessions offered on Mondays are designated by skating level (see below).

Power Class:

25 minute on-ice class.


Group instruction led by a club coach.  Focus is on a variety of drills to build skaters’ strength and conditioning.

Barre / Stretching Class: (Not offered at the present time.)

45 minute off-ice class.


Helps improve skaters' strength and flexibility. This class is instructed by Christina Craiutu.

Skating Levels:

To maintain training quality and provide a safer environment, on-ice sessions and classes on Mondays are organized by level as outlined below.  These levels are defined by LCSC for the LCSC program only.  These levels are not the same as the U.S. Figure Skating or Learn-To-Skate USA levels.

Level 1:

Skaters required to have passed a minimum skating level of Basic 6.

Level 2:

Skaters required to have passed a minimum skating level of Pre-Juvenile Moves In The Field and/or Pre-Juvenile Free Skate or with club coach approval.


Open to all skating levels (Basic 6 & up)