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April 11th Update:

I can't believe we are now LESS THAN two weeks from Show Time! It marks a bittersweet time, as we are all excited to finally get the chance to watch our skaters perform, but it also means the Club season is coming to a close.

The year began with a rocky start, but it has steadily been brought back to success with the help of all our members and volunteers! Big or small, each job brings something to the overall success and morale of the Club!

Thank you to our Board of Directors -President, Kimberly Hampton; Vice President, Carrie Martin; Treasurer, Jason Abon; Secretary, Nicole Hamilton; ISPR, Katie Baxter; Ice Show Chairs, Josh & Julie Knight and our Immediate Past Executive Member, Yuhui Zha who served until her family recently moved away.

Committee Chairs - Publicity, Zhixin Chen; Fundraising, Kevin Aker & Lesli Gordon; Hospitality/Spirit, Trish Garrett; and Costumes, Betsie Reed & Stephanie Garrett.

Ice Show Volunteer SignUps:

Please be sure to check the links to sign up for Volunteer help before, during and after the Ice Show! The Show cannot run without everyone's help! REMINDER: anyone who wishes to volunteer as a Locker Room Chaperone MUST be SafeSport Certified! We cannot allow anyone to assist who has not completed this training!

Volunteer SignUps: Prep & Clean Up

Volunteer SignUps: Ice Show Work

Ticket Sales:

Please be on the lookout very soon for an email to members regarding the online ticket purchase process! Because the viewing capacity inside the rink is limited this year, we are making the final updates to the online site which will allow us a better way to control the number of ticket sales. We understand we are down to the wire, but the Board and Committee Chairs have been thoughtful in the details for a smoother process! We appreciate your patience!

Board Meeting:

Monday April 12th - Monthly (and LAST) Board Meeting, 7pm (Zoom link)

Quarterly Dues:

The season's last installment of Quarterly Dues has been sent! Please make final payment before the May 7th Due Date in order to avoid a $25 late fee.

We are ready for a great Ice Show


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