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End Of Season Update: 4/19/20

This week would have been the start of our busy Ice Show Week! We are unbelievably sad and it seems unreal that we will not be together this year for the first time ever. The rink will be quiet this weekend, but I hope you can find a reason to celebrate with your skaters! Maybe pop some popcorn and watch an old Ice Show DVD. Put on an old Ice Show costume and reminisce with your skating family! Send us some old pictures to share on Club Facebook page!

Ice Show Apparel:

If you made an order for Ice Show tshirts, Hoosiers will be providing a full refund for your purchase. Their store is currently closed due to the restrictions of the corona virus, however all cash and checks will be returned to those who paid using the order form and all credit will be refunded to those who paid online. Once they are able to reopen their store, Nicole Hamilton will collect all cash and checks to be returned. Please let us know if you have questions.

BOD Nominations:

Even though the Show will not go on as planned, we are ready to look ahead and start planning for next year! This week would also start the Nomination Process for next year's Board of Directors and we are happy to have something to look forward to!

Please follow the link in order to place your nominations:

If you prefer to mail in a form, please mail this form:

Please submit only ONE response per skating family.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns!


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