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End of Season Update: 4/13/20

Hello LCSC Family! It's been awhile since we've had an Update. Who knew how different things would be now just a month ago?

Sadly, this Update brings some new details about how our current Club Season will end and where we go from here.

The Board of Directors had a Zoom meeting (the strange new way to meet these days!) this evening, Monday April 13th along with the coaches and Carleen Fry, the rink manager, to discuss how to best move forward with the current guidelines and restrictions in place by our State Governor, as well as the CDC. Please read the following topics to help better understand how we are addressing each one.

Club Season:

With great regret, we have decided to end our current Club Season for the '19-'20 year based on the current social distancing restrictions. The ice rink was scheduled to reopen on May 4th, however, if it is to reopen to the public even at that time, it is restricting access to more than ten persons at a time in the building, which is basically limiting it to the rink staff. Therefore, skaters and families will not be allowed to return for skating purposes. With this in mind, if your skater has a locker which needs to be accessed, please call the rink office to make arrangements on how to best collect your skaters' belongings.

Club Dues:

The last Quarter Dues payment is being waived. Obviously, no Club - no Dues.

If you have submitted a check, it will be refunded/returned to you, and if you have not made the last dues payment, you do not need to do so.

Please contact us if you have questions.

Fundraising Goal:

We are waiving the Fundraising Goal due to these unique circumstances.

Even though the Ice Show is a huge portion of our fundraising commitment, we require members to reach the requested fundraising goal each Club year as part of joining Club. If you have not had an opportunity to raise any money toward your Fundraising Goal this year, you do not need to do so. If you have raised a portion of the $350 commitment up to this point, we are asking that any amount raised will either be 1.) donated to our Scholarship Account, or 2.) credited to next year's Fundraising Goal. You should be hearing from our Treasurer on where you choose to use your current fundraising credit.


Unfortunately, we cannot offer a refund on the costumes. Skaters will have a chance to receive their costumes once the rink is open to more people and a time can be better arranged to hand them out. We apologize for any inconvenience with this, but we hope skaters will still have an opportunity to use and enjoy their costumes for future events!

Ice Show T-shirts:

We will be in contact with Hoosiers about the possibility of receiving a refund regarding the orders placed for Ice Show apparel and we will let you know as soon as we know more!

End-of-Year Banquet:

We always look forward to this event to recognize our skaters and get together to celebrate all their achievements and hard work, and we don't want to give that up!

We hope to reschedule this event as a Back-to-Club Banquet next season once we are able to have gatherings again of more than ten! We miss you all so much, and can't wait to celebrate with you again!

Nominating/Voting Process for Executive Board:

Because we will not have the traditional End-of-Year Banquet in which we have the chance to vote/announce the new Club Season Executive Board, we will begin taking nominations now and have an online/mail-in option with voting. Please stay tuned on more details on how you can participate! Start thinking about who you would like to nominate or how you can be a part of next season's Board! The summer is when the new Board usually transitions and begins a majority of planning for the year!

Future Show/Event:

Because this has already been a tough year, especially for our Senior skaters, we hope to plan an exhibition when possible, hopefully in August, to showcase our skaters. We are completely devastated that so many plans had to be cancelled and we can only look ahead at other possible events to look forward to! This is something for the new Board to discuss, but our goal now is to possibly use this chance to highlight our skaters and to use this opportunity to raise money for Club.

Overall, it is a heartbreaking and abrupt end to our Club Season, and we wish we could do more. Financially and emotionally, this is such a burden for all of us to bear, but please continue to reach out to us, to each other and to your coaches! We all miss each other, but we will be back on the ice as soon as we can!

Sending virtual hugs, fist bumps and high fives to all! Hang in there!


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