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End of Season Update: 5/3/20

It's still a strange feeling not having a routine schedule each day or being able to make plans. But we made it to May, and that's something to celebrate!

With a new month, hopefully that means a new chance at getting closer to some normal routines!

Locker Clean Out:

Monday May 4th - Rink Re-opens

The rink will open starting Monday, however it will be limited to staff and offer a chance for members to schedule a time to clean out lockers. Anyone who currently has a locker with items, MUST clean out all belongings in order for staff to properly disinfect all areas of the locker rooms. Please call the rink office (812) 376-2686 to schedule a time at your earliest convenience.

Board Nominations:

Please be sure to submit your nominations by Friday May 8th for next Season's Board of Directors!

If you prefer to mail in your submission, please plan to do so by Wednesday May 6th.

We will plan to close Nominations on Saturday May 9th so that we can begin reaching out to Nominees and start the voting process!

Membership Renewal:

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we try to plan for next Season. Carleen Fry, Rink Manager, has been working with us on trying to schedule a time to return to the ice and how to determine ice fees. Until we have a better understanding, it is hard to finalize Club Dues. It is our hope that we can reduce some of the costs for next year given the current circumstances. Many of you have already responded on your proposed commitment for next season. If you haven't done so, please email with a Yes, Maybe (Gold, Silver, Bronze, Associate) or Not Returning next season so that we can better determine member numbers.

Please let us know if you have any questions! We look forward to seeing you all soon!


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