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Good Luck Skaters!

Please help us celebrate and wish our LCSC skaters Good Luck who are planning to compete and test this month!

All skaters who are competing and testing, be sure to stop by the skater recognition table Wednesday September 30th to pick up your goody bag!

All other skaters will also receive a little treat so don't forget to grab your goodies!

Water bottles will also be available for all!

Battle of the Blades competition - hosted by Ft. Wayne, Friday October 2nd - 4th:

Madelyn Aker Athena Niu

Michaela Aker Vivian Niu

Miyu Ball Anna Reed Mayu Ball Courtland Reed

Eleanor Brumett Amber Rizzo

Claira Gordon Katherine Schmelz

Claudia Gordon Madeleine Shaw

Erica Lambert Amy Xu

Vincia Li Yurika Yoshino

Giuliana Mackos

Emily Martin Cindy Chen -

Megan Miller  (Hamilton Center Ice Arena)

Test Session - hosted by LCSC, Sunday October 11th:

Olivia Abon Laurel Knight

Ella Blanz Sasha Luhur

Jessyka Brown Athena Niu

Sophia Craiutu Amber Rizzo

Kaylee Gesick Cate Roeder

Matilda Giger Katherine Schmelz

Paisley Giger Madeleine Shaw

Alexis Hamilton Shrina Surve

Jaydalynn Hampton Yurika Yoshino

Mackenzie Hampton

Thank you to all the skaters who support LCSC and continue to improve and reach their skating goals through Club! We appreciate you and your desire to skate great!


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