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Ice Show Parent Meeting: Recap

Thank you to all who could attend the parent meeting regarding the Ice Show and your input and questions about our favorite event of the year! :)

We covered some important information about deadlines, costume fees and volunteer opportunities!

2019 Lincoln Center Skate Club Ice Show - Kaleidoscope of Colors

April 26th, 27th, and 28th

Ice Show Registration:

Friday November 9th - Ice Show Participation deadline. Please turn in your form to the Ice Show Mailbox!

All who attended the meeting should have received a handout with info about registration and attendance policy. Please be sure to obtain this if you were not able to! There are extra copies located in the box directly beneath the Ice Show Mailbox, so be sure to check there and get your copy today! :)

Costume Measurements and Fees:

November 12th - 16th - Costume measurements will be taking place:

- Monday November 12th - 3:30pm - 6:00pm

- Wednesday November 14th - 3:30pm - 5:00pm

- Friday November 16th - 3:30pm - 5:00pm

Please make arrangements if you can not attend any of these scheduled times to be measured. Measurements will NOT be taken after November 16th.

Friday November 16th - Costume fees are due.

Costume fees are $70 per costume

Ice Show Practices:

Monday February 4th - Practices begin for the Ice Show and Attendance Policy will begin!

Volunteer Commitment/Opportunities:

As a reminder, all Gold, Silver and Bronze Members must fulfill a 15-hour volunteer commitment for the Club year. And the Ice Show will provide plenty of opportunities!

There are currently two Committee Chair opportunities available: Publicity and Hospitality. Any member who would like the prestigious title of one of these positions, please let a Board Member know! :) Becoming a Committee Chair will also waive the 15-hour Volunteer Commitment. More info regarding these Chair positions and responsibilities can be found in the Handbook under the tab About LCSC.

As a volunteer, LCSC follows the procedures outlined by the USFSA SafeSport program. This is an online course that must be taken if our members wish to volunteer in areas where they will be in close contact with our skaters, such as locker room chaperones. It is possible that members may also be required to fill out a backgound check to volunteer in other areas, but more info will be provided as it becomes available.

Fundraising Commitment/Opportunities:

As a reminder, all Gold, Silver and Bronze members must fulfill a fundraising commitment of $350 per skater. (families with multiple skaters will have a %15 reduction in this amount for subsequent skaters.)

There will be opportunities to meet this requirement by selling ads for the Ice Show program, in addition to selling tickets for the show! You may also purchase your own ad by placing a "Good Luck, Skater!" advertisement for your skater! A great way for family members to help with the fundraising costs! More info will be available regarding ad pricing and businesses who may be solicited for sponsors.

On-Ice Seating:

Each family will have an option to watch one show with 4 on-ice seating passes. We do our best to accommodate all members' schedules in order to watch the performance of their choice. More info will be available closer to the Show time!

Cell Phones/Locker Room Policy:

In accordance with the USFSA SafeSport guidelines, it is our goal to keep skaters safe and respect privacy, especially when it comes to cell phone use and social media. For this purpose, it is absolutely restricted to use cell phones in the locker rooms to take photos or post photos online using social media. Cell phones are a safety feature to keep in contact with family, however NO photos may be taken in locker rooms.

Ice Show Email -

Ice Show updates may be posted along with the Weekly Update info, however, as Show time approaches, please be looking for future emails from our Ice Show Chairs, Devon Collins and Nicole Hamilton. Any questions, concerns and Ice Show updates will be through the email address

If you're ever unsure who to contact, always feel free to get in touch with a Board Member or Coach and we are happy to point you in the right direction! :)

We appreciate our LCSC family and it takes all of our members to help make this Club operate and we enjoy working with you and hearing from you!


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