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May 2nd Update:

Has everyone recovered from the FABULOUS Ice Show?! Thanks to all of our talented skaters and coaches for a phenomenal performance! I personally feel this show is just what we all needed this year and it couldn't have happened without our volunteers, donors, and all the support from our members. Bravo on a job well done!

LCSC Banquet - Wednesday May 19th:

Now that our Club Season has officially ended, we are excited to be able to host a Club Banquet this year to show how much our skaters have worked all year and to reward them for their efforts!

Members/Families should have received an evite for the Banquet. Please follow the link for more info. A response is appreciated in a timely manner so that we can confirm a good estimate of how many will be in attendance. We look forward to celebrating our skaters!

Incoming Board of Directors:

Thank you again and again to ALL of our volunteers! But especially to those who have been committed to serving on the LCSC board of Directors this season. It was a rocky year to start coming off of the abrupt ending to the previous season and we appreciate our members for sticking through this season with support and patience! We definitely needed that! We are grateful to have ended on a high note due to their commitment, along with our Ice Show Chairs and Fundraising Chairs.

We are happy to welcome our LCSC '21-'22 Season Board of Directors!

President - Kevin Aker

Vice President - Lesli Gordon

Secretary - Betsie Reed

Treasurer - Pam Schmelz (who was unanimously approved to take on the empty incoming role by the current and incoming BOD. We are thrilled to welcome her and to fulfill the Board position!)


The '20-'21 Club Season is over, but fundraising is ongoing throughout the year!

All fundraising beginning May 1st continuing through the '21-'22 Season will count toward the '21-'22 Club Season. So please keep in mind when purchasing from Laura Jo's Cookies for all the upcoming occasions this summer, to keep including LCSC and your skater's name to receive fundraising credit! Mother's Day is up next! If you don't have anyone else to purchase for but yourself, that's a win! Treat yourself!

Follow the link to purchase now for Mother's Day!

Quarterly Dues:

Please remember that the last installment of Quarterly Dues should be paid by this Friday May 7th!

Thanks for a great year!


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