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Volunteers and SafeSport: 1/09/19

Please read regarding the SafeSport certification training and Volunteering guidelines from the US Figure Skating Association:

Here is the definition to see who needs to be compliant:

“U.S. Figure Skating requires individuals it, or its member clubs, formally authorizes, approves or appoints (1) to a position of authority over, or (2) to have frequent contact with athletes to have successfully completed the SafeSport training and a background check with a green light finding prior to participating in and/or preparing for U.S. Figure Skating-related activities.”

Please click here to understand the best policy description. (a copy will also be posted on the rink bulletin board.)

For those volunteers that serve throughout the year, they should become members of the club (subsequent membership is $24) .

For others that are volunteering once per year, have them register for ‘non-member account’ on the Members Only log in screen (at the bottom under the club search) and complete the requirements. Every person’s compliance will be tracked in the system.

Once you log in to Members only and click on the SafeSport icon, the SafeSport page walks you through how to complete a background check and SafeSport training.

For those roles/positions that are in a public space, are observable and interruptible (like ice monitor, music player, announcer, ticket sales, concessions, etc.) do NOT need to be SafeSport compliant at this time.

LCSC Members:

In this day and age, we want to be extra cautious when it comes to our skaters! We are taking the SafeSport and zero tolerance policy seriously!

Any member who holds a Board or Chair position is required to complete the SafeSport training and full background check. Those members are considered volunteers who serve throughout the entire year and are certified to assist closely with skaters when needed.

All other members who are required to complete the Volunteer Commitment, are considered as volunteering once a year, (competition & Ice Show) and if needed, would complete SafeSport only if assisting with skaters as a locker room chaperone.

We apologize for any confusion, as this is very new to our Club this year, and we want to be compliant with the USFSA. As the competition and Ice Show take place, posters regarding the SafeSport policy and expectations will be posted on locker room doors. Anyone who is not compliant with the SafeSport training, should not be allowed into the locker rooms while skaters are present. (including parents and family members.)

Please continue to ask any questions or let us know any concerns you have about SafeSport. We hope this will help as you sign up for volunteer positions for the remainder of the Club year!

Thank you for your cooperation!


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