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Weekly Update: 12/02/18

It's officially December and the Holiday season is upon us which means countdowns to Christmas, New Year, the Columbus Invitational and the Ice Show!

Columbus Invitational Countdown:

12 days - Deadline to register is Friday December 14th.

7 weeks - Columbus Invitational is Sunday January 20th.

Spirit Day Countdown:

19 days - Neon/Glow in the Dark Day is Friday December 21st.

This includes our Monthly Spirit Day drawing and Cosmic Skate Holiday party!

Ice Show Countdown:

20 weeks + 5 days - The Ice Show will be presented on Friday April 26th - Sunday April 28th! However, the planning and volunteering needed to put on a great show is year long! We need your help!

We are still looking for committee chairs for Publicity and Hospitality. These positions will allow for the 15-hour volunteer commitment to be waived! If you are interested or would just like more info, please speak with our Ice Show Chairs, Nicole Hamilton and Devon Collins.

Other opportunities to offer your help include:

Flowers - ordering or requesting donations from local vendors for flowers to sell during the Ice Show performances.

Sponsors - organizing/updating a list of businesses for members to select as possible sponsors for advertisements in the programs.

More opportunities will be available as the Show time approaches and Volunteer SignUps will be sent out!

Weekly Quote:

"Monday is the day that I start counting down to the weekend." - Anthony T. Hincks

It's always good to look forward to something, and the weekend doesn't disappoint!

Have a wonderful Monday, and every day after! :)


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