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Weekly Update: 2/10/19

The weekend weather sure has kept us wishing for some summer sunshine! I hope everyone has been able to stay high and dry from the flooding.

Ice Show Rehearsals:

As a reminder, please check with your skater's Small Group Coach on rehearsal times, as some times may have changed. As the practices start getting underway, skaters are to commit to the Attendance Policy! We do understand that other events and activities may conflict with rehearsal times, but we kindly ask that you notify coaches in advance, if possible. Each skater holds a valuable spot in the show, and all other skates rely on the group as a whole for a unified performance! :)

Spirit Day:

Friday February 22nd - Inside-Out Day

Monthly Board Meeting:

Tuesday February 12th, 5:30pm - Board Meeting

Board meetings are held at the rink and members are welcome to attend! If unable to attend but you have an issue or suggestion to present, please always feel free to contact a Board member at any time!

Weekly Quote:

"You always gain by giving love." - Reese Witherspoon

Happy Valentine's week! :)

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