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Weekly Update: 2/23/20

I'll never understand how the weekends are always so much shorter than the other days of the week?!

But the good news is, it's a Leap Year and we get an extra Saturday this month! :)

Locker Room Waiver/Agreement:

We wanted to clarify the Locker Room Waiver/Agreement statement that reads - "Skaters are to remain in their ASSIGNED locker rooms during the Ice Show when not performing," should also include that skaters are able to leave the locker rooms if necessary. As chaperones, we want to make sure the skaters are safe and accounted for in the locker rooms they are assigned to so that they are ready to perform when it is their time. We would like for all skaters to have an opportunity to watch a show as the Parks and Rec skaters do and hope to provide a schedule of when each locker room can be assigned to a show. Otherwise, skaters are expected to remain in locker rooms and to let chaperones know where they are if stepping out for concessions or to use the restroom, or with a parent, etc.

Please let us know if you have any questions!

Ice Show SignUps and Sponsor Info:

If you think maybe you missed the Volunteer SignUps or Sponsorship info, not to worry: you haven't missed it...yet! As with all the planning for the Ice Show, some things change each year, and there are still a few things we are trying to iron out to make sure all volunteer spots and sponsors are accurate and complete! Thank you for your patience and please always reach out if you ever have a question or concern and we are happy to help out if we can! Stay tuned and on the edge of your seats... :)

Website Updates:

The LCSC Website had some minor updates to include the Ice Show info for this year and a Contact Us chat button for an easier way to reach out to us! Hopefully it is also more 'smartphone' friendly when reading from your mobile device. There is always room for improvements and we appreciate any suggestions or tips you can offer to make our website more helpful.

Dates To Remember:

Monday March 2nd - Monthly Board Meeting, 5:30pm at the rink

March 9th - 20th - Spring Break, NO Club

Monday March 23rd - Club Resumes

Weekly Quote:

"Doing is a quantum leap from imagining.” -Barbara Sher

What will you DO with your extra day this month?

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