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Weekly Update: 8/26/18

Happy Sunday! The end of August is upon us and the school year and Club seem to be off to a great start!

Missing Jackets:

As skaters come on and off the ice, personal items like jackets can easily get misplaced or mistakenly taken. Please label your jacket with your name and always check before taking one to make sure it is yours! Since most jackets will look identical, it's easy to take the wrong one! If you have a jacket that does not belong to you, please get in touch with a Board member or coach to return! Thank you for your help!

LCSC Jacket and Merchandise Orders - LAST Chance:

If you are interested in ordering a new LCSC jacket or other apparel, NOW is your chance! Orders are due Monday August 27th! This is the only chance you can order jackets this year, so turn your orders in to the LCSC payment box! Sample jackets will be in the rink office to try on for one more day! Please refer to the link below if you'd like to order other LCSC merchandise and apparel. It's not too early to be thinking about great Christmas gifts!

Barre / Stretching Classes Cancelled:

Due to scheduling and room availability, we are unable to offer the Barre class this semester. However, we are looking into a possible Barre / Stretching Clinic that could be offered one or two days this semester, pending availability. This has been a great class for skaters to improve balance and flexibility and we hope to continue with an opportunity to offer the class again when available!

Off-Ice Training:

Please refer to your emails regarding Off-Ice Training SignUps with Coach Heather. This class will focus on a variety of exercises to improve skaters' overall fitness level. SignUps will be offered monthly and available classes will be held Thursdays 5:00pm - 5:45pm and Saturdays from 10:45am - 11:30am in the Event Room at the rink. This class is available to all skaters! Please ask a coach or Board Member if you have any questions, and again, be sure to check your emails for full details!

Spirit Days:

Not only is LCSC a great place to improve skating skills to become a better skater, but we hope it's a great place to be with friends and have fun too! Every month will be devoted to a fun day to show your LCSC spirit! Please refer to the tab Calendar/Spirit Days for the full year of fun, beginning Friday September 28th: Crazy Hair Day. For safety purposes, please remember to always dress in skate-appropriate attire. We want to have fun, but we always want to keep safety in mind!

Club Forms, Volunteer Commitment and Club Dues:

Please contact Sharon Guest, for questions regarding your current Club dues! And anyone who still has not turned in the required forms and Volunteer Commitment payment of $150 please do so this week! Forms can be found under the tab General Information/Forms.

We look forward to any questions or suggestions from members and will be happy to help! More info about our Board members and coaches can be found under the tab About LCSC/Board of Directors, Coaches.

Happy skating!


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