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Weekly Update: 9/02/18

Happy long weekend! There will be NO Club on Monday September 3rd due to the Labor Day holiday. We hope you enjoy your day with family and friends and have some time to relax!

Just a few updates:

Skater Etiquette:

As a skater, please remember who has the right of way on the ice. It is requested that any skater who is rehearsing a routine wear the provided neon harnesses located in the hockey box. Skaters who are not rehearsing or having a lesson at this time should always give that skater the space needed to practice and respectfully stay clear during this time. And always when skating, be observant and use caution around all skaters! Parents/guardians, please review the safety process with skaters to help keep everyone safe on the ice! Your cooperation is appreciated!

Gold Members:

As a reminder, only skaters who have a Gold Membership are able to skate the Power sessions during the Monday schedule. If skaters are a Silver, Bronze or Associate Member, they should not be attending the Power Sessions. Please refer to the Weekly Schedule under the tab Calendar/Weekly Schedule.

Lost and Found:

There have been a few misplaced/missing skating jackets. Please check your jackets and any clothing items before taking them. Many jackets will look identical so it's important to label them with your skater's name and make sure you have the correct jacket before taking one! Thank you for your help in making sure all jackets and items are yours and returning them if they are not!

Upcoming Events:

As we look ahead this month, Tami Mohs, our Club photographer will be taking a group Club photo and individual photos if wanted. A date will be scheduled soon, so be on the look out!

Our Annual Skate Sale will be held Saturday September 22nd. If you have any skating items you're interested in putting in the sale, hold onto them and we will be providing more details soon on how you can include them in our sale!

Have a wonderful week!

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