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Weekly Update: 9/2/19

Mondays are so much better when you get to spend the day with friends and family, relaxing, or just taking time to get some much-needed work done around the house! Hope everyone was able to enjoy this Labor Day!

Parent Meeting Recap:

Thank you to those who were able to attend the recommended Parent Meeting last week. We appreciate all the feedback received from new and returning members. It definitely helps build and encourage the Club in moving into a new year also allowing the Board to know where some improvements are needed and what is working well!

In case you missed it or could use some reminders:

- USFSA is reviewing our revised Club Handbook and Bylaws before they are approved by the Board and put in place. We will update all members once that has taken place. We are also awaiting a response regarding our current probationary status. All directives have been met and no further action has been requested by USFSA, however, we are hoping to hear from them soon about when the probation will be lifted. We appreciate your patience as well, and please reach out with any questions you have.

- Please return your completed Medical and Emergency Info sheet to the LCSC Board mailbox as soon as possible. Forms can be found on the website, as well as extra copies in the Forms box located in the Mailbox room.

- Please submit a check in the amount of $150 dated May 1, 2020. This will cover the Volunteer Commitment fee in the case that you do not meet your commitment hours. This check will not be cashed unless the hours are not met at the end of the Club season.

- Other topics awaiting confirmation: Possibly offering Off-Ice classes on Mondays for all members; Club jackets and apparel cost/orders; fundraising possibilities and opportunities.

First Quarter Dues:

All members should have received an invoice for the first-quarter dues. If you have not, or have a question regarding your invoice please let us know! All invoices should be paid by September 13th in order to avoid a late fee of $25. We appreciate your cooperation!

Weekly Quote:

"There shall be eternal summer in the grateful heart." - Celia Thaxter

Keep enjoying the late nights and warm weather now that summer is unofficially over!


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