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Weekly Update: 9/22/19

It's officially the last weekend of Summer and time to trade in those swimsuits and pool days for cozy sweaters and bonfires!

Used Skate Sale:

Thank you to all who placed items in the Used Skate Sale on Saturday! All unsold items have been placed behind the concession stand. Please be sure to pick up items this week! If you have any questions, please check with the front desk or let us know how we can help. Any sold items will be credited back to your fundraising goal while 20% will be donated to Club! Please look for more info from our Treasurer regarding your sale credit.

Level 1 & 2 Power and Freestyle Classes:

This is a courtesy reminder that all Level 1 skaters should be skating during the Level 1 Power session, and all Level 2 skaters with the Level 2 session. If your skater has a lesson planned during one of the Freestyle sessions outside of their Level, please remember that all skaters should only be skating one session of Freestyle and one session of Power. At this time, it is recommended that all skaters be skating in their respective Level. If there is a question whether your skater is Level 1 or 2, please check with your coach or let us know! Thank you for your cooperation!

NO Club - Fall Break:

Monday October 7th - Friday October 11th - Fall Break NO Club

Weekly Quote:

“It’s always summer somewhere.” Lilly Pulitzer

...a reminder for all you summer lovers! :)


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