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Weekly Update: 9/30/18

Can we all take a deep breath and not panic that it is already October?! Whew... that's better! :)

Hope the weekend brought lots of time spent outdoors or maybe indoors watching football, HGTV, or NetFlix! :)

Important Dates:

Monday October 1st: October begins the second quarter of Club! Please understand that our Treasurer has been working very hard behind the scenes trying to update and send all invoices out with first quarter payments. We realize that with second quarter payments also due, we will work with members to accommodate payments in a timely manner. Thank you for the patience and cooperation as we work out the kinks! Board members are volunteers with families and jobs and we try our best to keep LCSC running as smoothly as possible along with your help! It is much appreciated! Always feel free to bring any questions or concerns to our Board Members or coaches! :)

Wednesday October 3rd: Group Club photo on the small ice at 5pm. Skaters please wear black pants and black jacket for group photo. There will also be an opportunity for skaters to have Individual photos taken wearing a skate dress in the Event Room during Club time from 3:30pm - 5:30pm.

Friday October 5th: Anyone who has signed up to perform in the upcoming Ethnic Expo Parade, Coach Taylor will be instructing another lesson for the parade at 7:00pm. Please follow the link listed if you'd still like to participate! We need many skaters to walk along side each other to help promote LCSC!

October 8th - 12th: Fall Break, NO Club.

Saturday October 13th: Ethnic Expo Parade 11:00am. Still not sure about walking in the parade with your fellow skaters? Be sure to come out and enjoy the parade from the sidelines if you wish and still support LCSC by cheering on those who will be holding our banner and representing our Club! Woot! Woot! :)

Wednesday October 17th: Registration Deadline for the 2018 Indiana Figure Skating Championships. Don't forget to talk with your Coach about signing up!

Spirit Day Monthly Drawing Winner:

Unfortunately, a winner has not yet been drawn, but I will update once a name has been picked! I was out of town, but will be back at the rink on Monday! Keep your fingers crossed if your name is in the drawing box! :)

*UPDATE: We have a WINNER! Jaydalynn Hampton is the winner of our first Spirit Day drawing! She has won a $5 gift card to Target - perfect for the Dollar Spot section, my favorite! :) Jaydalynn is a Level 2 skater and a Gold member with LCSC. Please be sure to say "Hi!" and congratulate her when you see her on the ice!

Weekly Quote:

I thought it would be nice to end our updates with an inspirational quote. :) Mondays are hard enough, let's remember to keep encouraging one another!

"It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop." - Confucius

I am definitely a slow mover...anyone else? :) Keep on truckin'! Have a great week!


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