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Welcome to the first weekly update for the new LCSC Club year! We are looking forward to seeing many of our previous skaters back on the ice and welcoming new ones! The first official Club sessions will begin Monday August 13th along with two parent meetings we encourage you to attend, providing an overview for the year and important forms which are required to be read, signed and returned.

* Meeting times: 4-5pm and 5:30-6:30pm

We apologize for the delay in providing you with the upcoming dates and reminders as the Board has been busy trying to coordinate many details throughout the summer, all while still enjoying the short time with family and organizing the new school year calendars and activities! We truly appreciate your patience and cooperation!

Please refer to the links provided below which include info regarding the new Club Weekly Schedule, the Club Yearly Calendar and the newly designed Website where you can find all the important forms to read and sign for the parent meetings! There will also be hard copies available at the rink.

Club Ice Schedule:

2018-2019 Club Calendar

LCSC Website:

Please refer to our website for all important updates, forms, Board meeting minutes, and upcoming events! This is also where you can find bios about our LCSC Board members, coaches and other information about the Hamilton Center Ice Arena.

Parent/Skater Releases:

Please read and sign the forms required for all skaters and return at parent meeting:

* Search under the tab General Information and click on forms to access.

* Search under the tab About LCSC to access the Bylaws and Handbook.

OFF-ICE Technique and Conditioning

This class is offered privately from Coach Heather and sign ups will be available through Signup Genius.

There will be a minimum number of participants needed in order to hold a class.

Classes will be scheduled Thursdays from 4:15-5:00pm in the Event Room.

Barre/ Stretching Class:

We our happy to have stretching instructor Christina Craiutu provide a weekly Barre/Stretching class to a limited number of skaters which will help improve flexibility, strength and skating skills. We are still in the process of confirming the days and times available for the class, so be sure to stay tuned with more details coming soon!

LCSC Products:

We are excited to offer new LCSC skater jackets this year! There will be a sample jacket at the parent meeting for those interested in ordering. Jackets will not be required to order, but encouraged for skaters to wear during our LCSC events, at competitions and anytime to wear proudly and promote our Club!

The skater's first name will be embroidered in silver on the front left chest and include the new LCSC logo in rhinestones on the back!  These jackets will be available at a cost of $55 each! Order forms will be available soon! There will also be an opportunity to purchase other apparel and items which include the LCSC logo such as tshirts, pants, and water bottles! A link will be provided soon to make ordering easy and convenient!

Next Board Meeting:

The LCSC Board will hold monthly meetings that all members are welcome to attend. Our first meeting of the year will be held at Hamilton Center Ice Arena Tuesday, August 14th at 5:30pm in the patio room off the lobby.

I hope you're still here! This is a lot of information to read and remember as we begin a new year, but do not hesitate to ask a Board member or coach if you ever have any questions or concerns! As the new year gets started, please continue to be patient (and give lots of grace to those volunteering their time) as schedules and procedures are subject to change. We ask that you check your emails frequently and also refer to our Facebook page under LCSC Official.

Any question or concerns regarding this update can be directed to me, Carrie at

Again, we are excited to see you all on the ice and get the new year underway! LCSC requires many volunteers to keep running smoothly and allow our skaters to enjoy their time on and off the ice! That means we consider the Club a family, and look forward to many helping hands and smiling faces! :)

Thanks so much for being a part of LCSC!


Carrie Martin

LCSC Secretary


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