Welcome Back! Take Two - 8/30/20

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Let us first thank all our members and coaches for your patience and cooperation as we tried to work through these first two weeks of Club. We want to apologize for how we started off on the wrong foot. Although our decision to cancel Club last week created chaos and frustration, we appreciate all the accommodations and feedback you provided to help get us back on the right track!

The normal Club schedule will resume this week, Monday August 31st.

The Executive Board and the coaches have come to a good faith agreement to extend last season’s Power Sessions contract for two weeks (August 31st - September 11th) until we can fully discuss an appropriate compromise to a new contract. We have reached out to our Compliance Chair, Karen DeSanto, to get a better understanding on moving forward from our abrupt cancellation of Club last week. LCSC coaches are contracted with our Club primarily for compensation purposes and to uphold the contract for services rendered to Club. However, any coach who is fully compliant with the U.S. Figure Skating Association may teach on Club ice. Normally this would include a Guest Coach, who pays a fee to be on club ice (not contracted with LCSC) however, under these circumstances, we still consider our coaches affiliated with LCSC until an agreement is reached and will be able to continue to teach during normal operations of Club. We hope this helps to explain the current situation while we continue to finalize contracts. Again we provide our apologies for not understanding this sooner and for disrupting our Club schedule.

In moving forward, please see the Updated Weekly Club Schedule:

Some revisions include:

* Level 1 Power Sessions will be open to Silver, Bronze, and Associate Members for a $10 Walk-On fee. There was some concern as to how this might affect the current Gold Level 1 skaters, however we would like to utilize this option and gain feedback from coaches and decide if it will need to be modified at a later time.

* Associate Members schedule updates include an added Session on Wednesday from 6:00 - 6:45, along with the revised time on Fridays from 5:15 - 6:00.

The Executive Board agrees to keep the proposed session from 6:00 - 6:45 on Fridays as a Parks and Rec Punch Card session for the time being and can possibly modify this if necessary at a later time.

Covid-19 Screening Questionnaire: A Screening Questionnaire has been created to help us keep track of our members' health and to record temperatures. We are asking that each member fill out a Covid Screening every day the skater plans to attend Club. Therefore, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday please be prepared to fill out a survey. This will help ensure that parents are helping us to keep all members safe and not to rely on a Board member or volunteer to be solely responsible for temperature screenings. You may fill out a Screening Questionnaire any time during the day the skater plans to attend prior to entering the rink.

The Screening Questionnaire can be found on the website, and we will do our best to send out a Remind each Club day for you to submit. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding this process. Your cooperation is appreciated!